Monday, August 31, 2009

Mad Libs with 1st Graders, II

This week I enlisted help from students from other grades, mostly because the children no longer sit with just their classmates. Some of these answers come from first graders, some second, a fifth and other assorted ages. I hope you enjoy this one:

Vacation Want Ads

DRIVER AVAILABLE: Are you planning a trip to Melbourne? I will drive your bike. I am a person of cool character and a graduate of high school. I have been sleeping for twelve years.

MOTHER Susie offers you stupid accommodations in her weird home. Only $10 per human for food and breakfast.

DO YOU NEED A HOUSE SITTER? While you are running around the country, who is looking after your confused house? Burglars could steal your Playstation 2. Who will fee your zebras? We will swimmingly take care of everything. Call Apple Sitters Unlimited.

That's all for this week's installment, hope you liked it. I'll have a new one next Monday.

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