Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First Impressions: Wilco (The Album)

Random thoughts about what I've heard/seen:

-The cover art is amazing.
-Wilco (The Song) is just as good as it was on Colbert
-One Wing sounds awesome.
-I'm not sold on Deeper Down.
-Bull Black Nova is different, but it's still Wilco...I don't know yet.
-The duets on You and I and Country Disappeared are really pretty
-You and I reminds me of an old fashioned country song, like Johnny Cash and June Carter, but you know, like Wilco
-Country Disappeared has a Sky Blue Sky chill to it with am AM country vibe
-Solitaire is really stripped down, more so than most songs since A Ghost Is Born
-I'll Fight is fun, that and Solitaire are early favorites off the album
-I'm getting a bit of Summerteeth from Sonny Feeling, it's poppy and twangy
-I changed my mind Sonny Feeling is my favorite off the album at this point
-Everlasting Everything hasn't grown on me yet. I heard Tweedy do it solo in Champaign, but I still need more time with it.
-The album is less like AM than the first track (Wilco [The Song]) led me to believe but it stays away from the Sky Blue Sky slow territory as well (with no disrespect to SBS
-I like the second half of the album more, for the most part

Premature grade: B+/A-
I like it, it goes back to earlier Wilco stuff and presents more of a raw sound than YHF or A Ghost did. I think that the more I listen to it the better it will get.

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