Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I hate the Indians (bullpen)

Cliff Lee has given up 9 earned runs in his last 7 starts, that's 52 innings which comes out to an ERA of 1.21.
Phenomenal. With such stingy pitching he should have 7 wins, right? Wrong. Instead he is exactly 2-3. I don't know how to calculate criminally unsupported starts, but I can tell you that Cliffy has a couple now.
That is not the issue tonight, however. Tonight my ire comes down upon the bullpen who have let me down, and let me down, and let me down and on forever. Eight innings Cliff gave the team tonight, and the offense actually managed to put a five spot on Brian Bannister who has owned them in the past. All Kerry Wood had to do was the job he signed a two-year contract to do: close out the ballgame. But like the rest of his battery mates, he decided to implode and give the damn ballgame away.
After two straight home runs, I couldn't even watch as the Royals proceeded to drive in the final, winning runs.
Since May 6th there have been five moves made involving 15 people. With all these moves perhaps things could change, or maybe it could just make me feel like I wasted money on MLB.tv.
I've never been more disappointed in an Indians team before. It might be because I had high hopes for this season based on how poor the end of '07 and all of '08 were. But I don't think anything like this should be occurring.
I have never been one to blame a coach for how the team is playing, but at this point Eric Wedge has to go. Clearly he does not have a handle on this team, and things need to be shaken up.
I've always loved Uncle Eric, but I think tonight was the last straw. If the Indians don't do something as soon as possible, it's going to be too late. That something has to be drastic too, we can't just keep shuffling relievers.
In a division whose leader is two games over .500 and this terrible team only trails by 8.5, there is still time, but, (and I can't stress this enough) things have to change.

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