Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hello loyal friends or no one at all, I am back from my self-imposed, purposeless writing hiatus. I don't know why I stopped writing so much. I guess I just got bored with everything. It happens. But the good news for you lucky two readers is that I'll be posting more often.
Back here at the dorms everyone is packing up and moving out. Thank god, I have had more than my fair share of this creativity stifling hell hole. I'm ready to move out and move up to my own place and a fresh start.
I need a fresh start. Today is Courtney's birthday and it made me re-evaluate my birthday last year. At the time I was okay with not going out or doing anything really at all, but looking back I'm actually pissed about it. Because all of my friends went out with my ex-girlfriend the night before for her birthday I got shit on. What good friends.
That's where the new start comes in. I practically removed myself from Facebook, so we'll see which of my friends really care about me sometime soon.
Anyway, enough of the personal b.s. I've decided to do some new things with this space. I'm thinking more music, film and food reviews, occasional mind dumps and some witticisms here and there. I hope the one person who reads this enjoys it.

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cdnuzzo said...

i am right there with you regarding the fresh new start.