Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Favorite Songs, pt. 4: North - Nostalgia

Oh, to be young again, er, to be in high school again. As mentioned before, I used to be a sort of emo-kid. It's true, hard as it is to believe.

I still did have some good tastes, however, so not all of these songs are going to suck completely. Let's hop on to this train to the old days and get a bit nostalgic.

1. The Sound of Settling - Death Cab for Cutie


8. Grenade Jumper - Fall Out Boy

-Death Cab was one of the bands that got me interested in more indie music; Fall Out Boy was one of the bands that got me interested in punk music. It's interesting now that Death Cab can hardly be considered an indie band anymore and Fall Out Boy certainly can't be considered punk at all. I'm pretty certain I know the winner already, and it's not much of a surprise.

4. God and Mars - Days Away


5. 1400 Things to be Happy About - Troubled Hubble

-Two underrated bands and two songs I still definitely enjoy. This will be a difficult battle and may require several listens before a winner (clear or not) will become evident. TH may have the edge because they were the first show I ever went to...

2. This is not an Exit - Saves The Day


7. Chicago - Sufjan Stevens

-Saves The Day used to be one of, if not my one favorite band. Sufjan rode in on a wave of indie music and never really left. I don't really think that Saves The Day stands a chance, though I think I'd still enjoy listening to them. We'll see how this turns out.

3. More Adventurous - Rilo Kiley


6. Checkmarks - The Academy Is...

-Honestly, I would put Rilo Kiley as the dark horse to win the group. I still listen to their music regularly and I still find "More Adventurous" to be one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. TAI on the other hand I don't really get in to so much these days, but I did love it back in the day.

Results soon, feel free to tell me what you think.

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.leah. said...

.grenade jumper is a fantastic song that perfectly embodies who FOB used to be and how great they were at what they did. however, if g.j. was up against title and registration, i may have to change my vote.

.troubled hubble just so happened to be my first "real" concert as well (i hate counting cher as my first concert from back in 4th grade...) and i gotta side with them. however, canoe is my favorite song by them. i'll have to re-listen to this one.

.sufjan opened me up to the world of indie, he's all i listened to senior year of high school. as much as i love saves the day, i gotta say chicago... it's still one of my fav songs to this day.

.though more adventurous IS a beautiful song, checkmarks was more revolutionary for me personally. i still listen to TAI (though they have definitely gone downhill towards "mainstream" territory).

.just a bit of useless input that may (or more likely definitely will not) sway your decision making.